Wenwin 7/35 Lottery Points

Each Wenwin game benefits from the Wenwin Points Program. The Wenwin 7/35 Lottery rewards both Players and Referrals with Points in order to incentivize usage in the early stages.

Player Rewards

Player rewards are allocated on a per draw basis.

Each Player receives:

  • Base rewards of 2 Points for every ticket purchased for the Wenwin 7/35 Lottery.

  • Base rewards get multiplied by 10,000 / number of tickets sold in the draw. If the number of tickets sold in a draw is lower than 10,000, the multiplier is higher than 1 and users get additional rewards on top of base rewards. If the number of tickets sold in a draw is higher than 10,000, a multiplier of 1 is applied and users get base rewards only


Alice buys 10 tickets in a draw where 5,000 tickets are sold in total. She gets 20 points as base reward and such points get multiplied by 2 (10,000 / 5,000), resulting in 40 points in total.

The next draw, Alice buys 10 tickets but the total number of tickets sold is 20,000. She gets 20 points only as the multiplier applied is equal to 1 as the number of tickets sold is higher than 10,000.

Rewards Allocation

Referrer rewards are allocated on a per draw basis.

Referrers can qualify for referrer rewards only if their referees purchase more than 100 tickets per draw. If this condition holds, referrers earn the same number of points as players do for every ticket purchased by their referrees.


Bob refers Alice, who buys 50 tickets in a draw. Bob does not earn referrer rewards as Alice, his referee, has purchased less than 100 tickets in a single draw.

The next draw, Bob refers John, Peter, Mao, and Jodie who buy 150 tickets. Bob earns 300 points as base rewards plus any additional allocation from the multiplier (if any) as his referees have purchased more than 100 tickets in a single draw.

Referral Codes

The Wenwin referral reward program is a key component of the Wenwin growth strategy.

Anybody can easily join the referral reward program by following the steps below:

  1. Go to Wenwin's (or another participating Frontend Operator's) referral page

  2. Connect your Web3 wallet

  3. Enter your preferred referral code

  4. Click to confirm your referral code

  5. Sign the transaction in your Web3 wallet

  6. Copy the unique generated link displayed and share

After following the steps above, you will now have your unique referral code that you can share to benefit from the rewards detailed above.

Wenwin rewards players for participating in the lottery. To benefit from these rewards is easy:

  1. Click on the referrers unique link

  2. Connect your Web3 wallet

  3. Select your lucky numbers

  4. Purchase your tickets

That's it! After each draw the referral rewards will be published and claimable via the Wenwin App.

If you don't visit the App via a referral link you will be able to enter the Referral Code for the purchase to be counted for the Referrer.

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