Players must purchase a ticket to play in this game. Players can purchase multiple tickets for a single draw. Each ticket:

  • Costs 2 USDC

  • Allows the player to select 7 numbers for a single draw

  • Can be self-selected by the player or randomly generated by the relevant frontend

  • Is a non-fungible token (NFT) that must be delivered in order to claim any prizes - 1 NFT per ticket per draw. For example, if a player purchased 5 tickets for each of the next 6 draws, there will be 30 NFTs

  • Can be traded on the secondary market before or after the draw

When a draw opens, players can participate by purchasing tickets. The proceeds from ticket sales will be allocated as follows:

  • 70% to the Prize Pot: Used to fund prizes, i.e. Ticket Sales Proceeds*

  • 20% to the Wenwin Treasury: Transferred to the Wenwin Treasury to fund WW buybacks and launching future Wenwin games

  • 10% to Frontend Rewards: Paid to decentralized frontends that made the ticket sale

*The Maximum Prize Pot size is 6.66m USDC. If the Prize Pot exceeds this amount, part of the ticket sales will go to the Wenwin Treasury to fund new game launches.

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