As the Prize Pot of the Wenwin 7/35 Lottery increases, bonus amounts are automatically added to all prizes to make the lottery more enticing for players, all while maintaining the same ticket price.

This allows the Wenwin Lottery to increase its Prizes as the total funds in the Prize Pot grow. This dramatically improves the capital efficiency of funds kept in the Prize Pot.

This is achieved by first determining the Excess Pot, which is calculated based on the protocol's Cumulative Net Profit, then discounting for a Safety Margin and subtracting the standard Jackpot Prize.

ExcessPot=CumulativeNetProfitā‹…(1āˆ’SafetyMargin)āˆ’JackpotPrizeExcess Pot=Cumulative Net Profit \cdot(1-SafetyMargin) - JackpotPrize

If the Excess Pot is > 0, then a bonus prize will be paid based on the following calculations:

A percentage of the Excess Pot will be used as Bonus Allocation for the draw, paid out to this draw's winners.

BonusAllocation=ExcessPotāˆ—BonusAllocation%BonusAllocation = ExcessPot * BonusAllocation\%

BonusMultiplier=BonusMultiplier =

1+BonusAllocationTicketSalescurrentDrawāˆ—ExpectedPayoutToNonJackpotWinners)1 + \frac{BonusAllocation}{TicketSales_{currentDraw}*ExpectedPayout ToNonJackpotWinners)}

From these Bonus Allocation and Bonus Multiplier, the New Jackpot Prize and multiple New Non-Jackpot Prize (Match 3 to 6 numbers) prizes are then calculated as follows:

NewJackpotPrize=JackpotPrize+BonusAllocationNew JackpotPrize = JackpotPrize + BonusAllocation
NewNonJackpotPrize=NonJackpotPrizeāˆ—BonusMultiplierNew NonJackpotPrize = NonJackpotPrize * BonusMultiplier


If the Bonus Allocation is 1,000,000 USDC, and the Bonus Multiplier is 1.5, then:

  • Jackpot: Initial Prize Pot / 3.33 USDC -> Initial Prize Pot / 3.33 + 1,000,000 USDC

  • Match 6: 2,000 USDC * 1.5 -> 3,000 USDC

  • Match 5: 100 USDC * 1.5 -> 150.00 USDC

  • Match 4: 7 USDC * 1.5 -> 10.50 USDC

  • Match 3: 2.00 USDC * 1.5 -> 3.00 USDC

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