The Game

Quick guide on gameplay basics

The draw takes place twice per week, every Tuesday and Friday.

During every draw, 7 numbers are randomly drawn from 35 non-repeating integer numbers ranging from 1 to 35. You can buy a ticket to play. Each ticket costs 2 USDC, and allows you to pick 7 of 35 numbers. You will win a Prize (plus a Bonus if available) if you match 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 numbers.

The 7/35 lottery format was chosen as the first Wenwin Lottery as it adequately balances a higher chance of winning while maintaining the attractiveness of offering a seven-figure Jackpot. Having fewer numbers to choose from also helps provide a greater user experience.

The Jackpot (Match 7) Prize will be automatically set based on the USDC proceeds from the Initial Sale going to form the Initial Prize Pot, based on the following formula:

JackpotPrize=InitialPrizePot3.33JackpotPrize = \frac{InitialPrizePot}{3.33}

Jackpot (Match 7)

Initial Prize Pot / 3.33 USDC shared

If multiple people win the Jackpot Prize, winnings will be evenly split between them.

Match 6

2,000 USDC per ticket

Match 5

100 USDC per ticket

Match 4

7 USDC per ticket

Match 3

2 USDC per ticket

The Wenwin Lottery has an RTP (Return to Players) rate of 100%, which is higher than any other lottery in the world.

For more information on Prizes, please visit the section below:


If you win, you can claim the winning prize by delivering the winning ticket (NFT).

Winning tickets have up to 1 year to claim their prize. If a prize is not claimed before this period, the unclaimed prize money will go back to the Prize Pot.

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