Frontend Operators

Rewards for Frontend Operators

Wenwin is committed to complete decentralization and utilizes independent frontends to handle ticket sales. These frontends directly interact with the Wenwin Lottery smart contracts.

Wenwin is completely permissionless. This means that anyone can operate their own frontend without approval from a centralized authority.

However, the Core Contributors are available to give guidance if you are interested in becoming a Frontend Operator, or want to learn more about the Wenwin Lottery SDK.

Frontend Rewards

10% of all ticket sale proceeds from the Wenwin Lottery (0.20 USDC per ticket sold) processed through your frontend will be rewarded to the address associated with that frontend, to be claimed in USDC.

Frontend Operators

Frontend Operators can include websites, mobile apps, wallets, retailers, and more. These frontends can communicate with the Wenwin Lottery smart contracts, process ticket sales, and be rewarded for doing so.

Frontend Operators are independent, so they can decide whether to use the non-core parts of the Wenwin Lottery smart contract, such as Referral Rewards.

Frontend List

A frontend list hosted on the Wenwin website is available to showcase different frontends and compare key metrics. Frontend operators can request to be included on the Frontend List maintained at

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