What is the Wenwin 7/35 Lottery?

The Wenwin 7/35 Lottery is a unique online lottery where players aim to match 3 to 7 numbers drawn from 35 to win prizes. The draw is run twice a week, every Tuesday and Friday.

How to Play

The game is run using USDC and each ticket costs just 2 USDC. Players pick 7 numbers out of 35. After each weekly draw, players can win the following prizes plus bonuses:

DivisionPrize (per ticket)

Match 7

Match 6

2,000 USDC

Match 5

100 USDC

Match 4


Match 3


How does the Wenwin 7/35 Lottery work?

The Wenwin Lottery is run on the Base blockchain using immutable smart contracts. Players can validate the funds in the Prize Pot, and keep track of each ticket sale and prize claim. This ensures the Wenwin Lottery cannot be controlled or rigged by anyone, ensuring fairness and transparency. Wenwin tickets are NFTs that can be bought and sold on secondary markets.

The Prize Pot for the Wenwin 7/35 Lottery is funded by selling the WW token via an Initial Sale. WW holders benefit from regular WW buybacks using ticket sale revenues. In order to incentivize usage, Points are also given to Players, Referrers.

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